The Cha Foundation

We are supporting your future

Mission Statement

The Cha Family Foundation(CFF) was founded on May 1, 2018 based on the core values of a 1) passion to thrive, 2) responsibility to serve the community, and 3) ambition to become an agent for change and leadership in the future.

The CFF offers post-secondary education scholarships to self-motivated students that are exceptional academically and share the CFF values. By allocating our attention and funds, the CFF believes we can help these highly selective individuals that unfortunately lack financial resources.

Currently, the CFF is committed to helping students at the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Vietnam, and we do not solicit external scholarship requests. However, friends of CFF that offer monetary support are bestowed the honour of having specific scholarships in their names. At present, the “Korean Nursing Professors’ Scholarship,” “Hope Scholarship,” and “Three Tree Scholarship” are all maintained under the CFF.