About The Cha Foundation and Scholarship Program

Love, Respect, and Service:

We warmly invite the students of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy to become a part of the Cha Family Foundation.

The Cha Family Foundation (CFF) is a non-profit organization that was established to support hard working students who wish to make a mark for themselves in society. The Cha Family is grateful to have this opportunity to give back and hope that the CFF will continue for many generations while also providing a platform for our new family member - the students - to witness their accomplishments over the years.

You are all future leaders of Vietnam and we firmly believe that the success of Vietnam rests on your shoulders. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with support and look forward to observing the many contributions you will make in the greater world. Our only wish is that you will remain self-aware throughout this endeavour and become each other’s greatest supporters.

Thank you.

Director Dr. Cheol-Ho Cha